Friday, 25 September 2015

A Nation of Shopkeepers? A Guide to International and Cross-Border e-Commerce

On Thursday last week, I presented at IMRG's excellent cross-border ecommerce event.

IMRG, sponsored by Borderfree, commissioned me to write a detailed "how to do it" guide to trading internationally via ecommerce especially for the event (and made a lovely job of the graphic design too!):

The output is this 48-page in-depth guide to using e-commerce to sell your products to international customers. It's available to download by clicking on the picture.

The emphasis of the paper is on being a detailed, practical, "how to do it" guide. As well as being packed with facts and data, it also includes a dozen detailed checklists for developing a project plan, as well as many essential frameworks to help decide how, when, where, and of course whether international e-commerce could be a successful route-to-market for your brand.

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