Monday, 14 September 2015

Back on stream

This blog has been neglected for a while, for the basic reason that I seem to have picked up more than my fair share of assignments that have required the creation of lengthy documents of various kinds. I've discovered that I appear to have a maximum quota for the quantity of reasonably intelligent words I can write in given period.

Oh yes, plus I've been moving house: you've probably done it, and you probably know that even a straightforward house-move (which ours certainly was not!) is impossibly energy draining.

Anyway, hopefully I'm back on stream with something at least moderately interesting to say. In the meantime, my post about UK click-and-collect penetration seems to have got picked up by several sites and I've even had a request to include the graph in a textbook. That particular post accounts for well over half the visitors to this blog, so I must have found something interesting to say at least once before...

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