Friday, 23 May 2014

Wholesale in an Online World

I've written a Whitepaper for IMRG , sponsored by Maginus , entitled "Winning in Wholesale in an Online World".

You can find it here

It takes a look at what Wholesalers in particular, and B2B players in general, need to do to succeed online. For those familiar with B2C eCommerce, the B2B eCommerce world can be a surprising place!

On the other hand for those B2B players still stuck in the "pre-eCommerce dark-ages", it seeks to dispel myths such as "our customers aren't ready", and help the management team depicted in the cartoon below decide what to do next!

We need to rethink our strategy of hoping the internet will just go away

As always in anything to do with the online world, starting by picturing their customers is probably the best idea:

B2B clients at work are B2C customers at home

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