Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Summertime at Tesco? Next time I'll leave my bikini at home...

These pictures seem to sum up what's gone wrong for Tesco somehow...

I'm doing an assignment near Wellingborough Tesco Extra, and decided to grab breakfast on the way by. And here is their welcoming carpark.

Having ignored the sign, found somewhere to park, and then hurried across the carpark in a bitter cold wind, here is what it says at the entrance:

Damn it, next time I'll leave my bikini top at home then.

OK, I know this strictly has nothing to do with multichannel. What I actually intended to do was photograph the grocery collection area (which does have quite a lot to do with multichannel and I was going to use in a blog post), but somehow I got distracted. Maybe it's all a cunning plan to increase sales - I will now have to make another visit to that store to take the photo I had originally planned.

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